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It’s getting hot in here…

Hello lovely people!

Irene Serra 02

As the British Summer continues to dazzle us (not really), I hope everyone is doing well and coping with the mini heatwave that is hitting London hard today. Literally sweltering in front of my computer writing this post. Now THAT is dedication to the cause. Oh yes…

Amongst the many good things returning these days, I will also be back with my formidable band for a Sunday Lunchtime gig this Sunday, the 5th July at one of my favourite venues in London, the iconic jazz venue that is the 606 Club! We will be playing a mixture of eclectic tunes from the Jazz, Brazilian and Pop repertoire and a few originals too. And with tasty food and an(y) excuse to start drinking at lunchtime, there is a little something for everyone! Children welcome.

For more information, please contact the club on 0207 352 5953 or book online at

-isq News!

Following a very successful album launch at the Pizza Express Jazz Club a few months back which was named Time Out Critics Choice, -isq has been getting great reviews both for the new album and our live performances! If you don’t already follow us, sign up for our mailing list on our website at to keep up to date with future news, a new video and gigs, including performing at the EFG London Jazz Festival 2015! And if you haven’t seen it yet, have a look at the video to “ZION” and buy the new album, “TOO” if you like it!

Wolf And I and the rest of 2015!

I have been busily working on music for my new project called Wolf And I and I will be releasing the first single in the Autumn. It is quite a departure from my other musical projects and is definitely more electro pop/dance and general musical whackiness from yours truly! I’m really excited about this new project and can’t wait to share it with you all.

Ire x

‘Tis The Season To Be (Musically) Jolly…

Hi everyone, sorry for the massive social media silence over these past few months but I have been busily and happily working away on lots of new music which I hope to share with all of you in the New Year!

As Christmas is drawing ever nearer and I have been obsessively buying Vintage X-mas jumpers on Ebay (4 and counting…), I thought it would be a good time to send a little Mailout about all the musical things I have been up to in the past year.



Having finished the actual recording of the album in January, the rest of the year was spent excitedly mixing, mastering, organizing the artwork for the CD cover, planning the video shoot for “zion”, the single off the album and getting that pesky singer to put the finishing touches on some of the vocal mixes! Or so they say…But now I can proudly announce that the -isq TOO album is done and dusted and will be released and available to purchase on Monday 16th March 2015 with the Album Launch at the Pizza Express Jazz Club Soho on Wednesday 29th April. The video should be released in late January and features me trying to look comfortable and creative amidst all sorts of Health and Safety infringements whilst singing on  East London Rooftops and dancing in cave-like underground areas of a building site. Oh, the excitement of it all! Check out the website at for more info and upcoming news!


As my love for music encompasses so many genres and my influences are far too varied to be contained in any one project, I have been quietly getting together the first EP of my solo project called Wolf And I which I hope to release sometime next year. As a little preview to some of the sounds I  have been working on, I wrote and recorded an arrangement of the infamous “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus. Oh yes I did….My very good self on piano and vocals and Richard Sadler on just about everything else!

Here is a link to the video on YouTube. Please feel free to listen/love and SHARE and I will be forever grateful.


I also wanted to mention my last public gig of the year which will see me this Friday, 19th December, with my quartet at Ajani Grill and Jazz, a wonderful little jazz club in Hornsey. The food is all freshly cooked by the owner, the jazz-loving enthusiast Patrick, and is always amazing. Even the vegetarian option! We start playing at 8pm and there will be lots of Jazz standards, Brazilian music, Blues and maybe even a Christmas tune or two so do come down and join us for some great music, food and a drink (or 2…). It is a delightfully tiny and intimate venue so if you are planning to come along, booking a table is recommended on 0207 272 5566.




And so it goes…

Is it really February already?! It felt like just yesterday that I was tucking into my Vegan Roast with all the trimmings and wanting to hit the Christmas sales with a vengeance (which I obviously did, much to the grievance of my bank account).

But I guess it looks like 2014 is here to stay and I went straight into the studio at the beginning of January with -isq so I didn’t even get a chance to savour all my perfectly made New Year resolutions! It was, as always, a wonderfully creative experience to record with the band and the studio couldn’t have been more perfect. Rimshot Productions is a wonderful, high-quality recording studio in the Kent countryside and Mike, the owner and Sound Engineer, is amazing. His girlfriend even baked us home-made cookies so I cannot recommend it enough. Take a little look at our video diary of the album recording, warts and all.

Richard and I are going through the recordings at the moment and everything is sounding lush. An edgier/rockier sound than the previous album, I cannot wait to have the finished copy in my hand! If you would like a little preview of what it sounds like, please come down to the Forge Music And Arts Venue on Wednesday 19th February to hear -isq play music off our debut album, a few tracks from the forthcoming release and a couple of covers thrown in for good measure! (BUY TICKETS HERE). In collaboration with the ever lovely music agency Sound Generation, it promises to be a great night, so do come down if you can.

On another note, I am still plugging away at my solo album, writing/recording and producing it. You might even hear me play keyboard and thumb piano on it. Don’t say you haven’t been warned…I don’t really know what the finished result is going to sound like but it consists of quirky pop tunes, electro-beats and vocal harmony bonanza. I mean, how can that ever go wrong!

And just in case you didn’t know, my sister Barbara Serra has written a book called “Gli Italiani Non Sono Pigri” (Garzanti), that literally translates into “Italians arent’t lazy”.  It’s an intelligent and funny book that discusses the socio-economic differences between Northern and Southern Europe and how these differences have effected the current political situation and living standards and aspirations of the Italians in general. The book has even been nominated for the Caccuri Literary Awards in Italy. (The Serra) Sisters really are doing it for themselves!

February promises to be a hectic month of music and travels and March is when we should be shooting a new -isq video for the single off the second album so the next update should be full of musical sneak peaks and behind the scenes footage. And I think that’s it for now!

Over and out,

Ire x


The 12 Days of Christmas…

So, as we enter this wonderfully festive period of eating far too many mince pies, drinking copious amounts of alcohol in it’s many lovely forms (especially mulled wine) and we start the crazy hunt for the perfect Christmas presents for our nearest and dearest, I really feel that December has come around far too quickly this year! Still so much to do in so little time…12 days and counting! And after that, 2014 is practically around the corner. What?!!

As I ponder over this past year, I must admit that it has really been a wonderfully creative time for me with so many highlights, culminating in my gig for the London Jazz Festival at The Forge. The LJF is such a seminal event in the British Jazz calendar and I was so excited when I was invited to be a part of it that I even screamed a little! It was the first time playing at the Festival under my own name so I thought it would be a great opportunity to preview some of the material that I have been working on and that will be part of my debut album which is due to be released next year. The decision to write and release my own album was definitely something that had I was planning to do for quite some time now and things just started to come together so organically this year that I knew it was the perfect time for me to buckle down and make it happen!

A few weeks back, we did the photo-shoot for the album cover and that was amazing fun. We definitely got the “money shot” and lots of other great images which I will share with you over the coming months. A MASSIVE thank you to the wonderful photographer Karolina Amberville and Make-up artist Magdalena Skoczylas and I really cannot sing their praises enough. These ridiculously talented ladies are complete pros and not only managed to make me look picture-ready as I was practically on 4 hours of sleep and was so tired that I even started crying at Clapham Junction station that morning as my train had been delayed by 5 minutes (?!). But they even managed to put a smile firmly back on my face and made the whole day one laugh after the other. Karolina even prepared a Vegan lunch especially for me. How is that for some seriously great service! Would recommend these ladies to anyone.

On another note, lots of exciting things are happening on the -isq front in the New Year! We are recording the new album at the wonderful Rimshot Studios in the stunning Kent countryside during the first week of January, have a gig at The Forge in February where we will preview some of the new material AND we have a video shoot planned for the “single” at the beginning of March. We have our last -isq rehearsal of this year next Tuesday, (the day I come back from Athens from a gig at 9am in the morning…oh yeah…) so I am busily (and maniacally) trying to finish writing 3 songs as we speak. Just like buses, you wait ages for one song inspiration and then 3 come along at once!

And I think that’s all from me! Have a wonderful Christmas and I will be back in the New Years regaling you with more tales and news from the wonderful world of -isq and my musical world in general.


Ire x

Welcome to my new site

news-pageHi Peeps and welcome to my sparkling and spanking, brand new squeaky clean website!

I’ve been up to quite a few musical projects recently, including starting to write the 2nd – isq album ( The boys and I are starting rehearsals in a few weeks time and are recording the album at the beginning of next year so it should all be ready to launch in September 2014. We have a few gigs in the book all around the country so hopefully world domination will soon ensue…maybe not but the new album is sounding pretty frickin’ marvellous if I may so myself!

On another equally adventurous note, I am also currently in the process of writing and recording an original project under my own name. It is definitely part jazz/pop stylings with an acoustic feel and some drum n’ bass thrown in for good measure. I will be previewing some of that material at The Forge as part of the London Jazz Festival in November so that is all really exciting!

Please sign up to my mailing list and follow me on all the usual suspects such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Soundcloud etc etc. for up to date news and gigs on the weird and wonderful world of Irene Serra Music! 3, 2, 1……