for an unreleased free download and lots of musical goodies

Hi everyone, sorry for the massive social media silence over these past few months but I have been busily and happily working away on lots of new music which I hope to share with all of you in the New Year!

As Christmas is drawing ever nearer and I have been obsessively buying Vintage X-mas jumpers on Ebay (4 and counting…), I thought it would be a good time to send a little Mailout about all the musical things I have been up to in the past year.



Having finished the actual recording of the album in January, the rest of the year was spent excitedly mixing, mastering, organizing the artwork for the CD cover, planning the video shoot for “zion”, the single off the album and getting that pesky singer to put the finishing touches on some of the vocal mixes! Or so they say…But now I can proudly announce that the -isq TOO album is done and dusted and will be released and available to purchase on Monday 16th March 2015 with the Album Launch at the Pizza Express Jazz Club Soho on Wednesday 29th April. The video should be released in late January and features me trying to look comfortable and creative amidst all sorts of Health and Safety infringements whilst singing on  East London Rooftops and dancing in cave-like underground areas of a building site. Oh, the excitement of it all! Check out the website at for more info and upcoming news!


As my love for music encompasses so many genres and my influences are far too varied to be contained in any one project, I have been quietly getting together the first EP of my solo project called Wolf And I which I hope to release sometime next year. As a little preview to some of the sounds I  have been working on, I wrote and recorded an arrangement of the infamous “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus. Oh yes I did….My very good self on piano and vocals and Richard Sadler on just about everything else!

Here is a link to the video on YouTube. Please feel free to listen/love and SHARE and I will be forever grateful.


I also wanted to mention my last public gig of the year which will see me this Friday, 19th December, with my quartet at Ajani Grill and Jazz, a wonderful little jazz club in Hornsey. The food is all freshly cooked by the owner, the jazz-loving enthusiast Patrick, and is always amazing. Even the vegetarian option! We start playing at 8pm and there will be lots of Jazz standards, Brazilian music, Blues and maybe even a Christmas tune or two so do come down and join us for some great music, food and a drink (or 2…). It is a delightfully tiny and intimate venue so if you are planning to come along, booking a table is recommended on 0207 272 5566.